GÉNEROS - Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies

GÉNEROS. Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies is an Open Access four-monthlyJournal from Hipatia Editorial that publishes articles from multidisciplinary research, as well as theoretical essays about different aspects of gender and feminism. The journal addresses different topics such as gender violence (domestic violence, sexual harrassment, sexual abuse, institutional violence, etc), health and gender (illness and treatment related to gender, phisical and psychological welfare, etc), education and gender, theories about love, new masculinities, feminist theory, multiculturality and gender, women and religion, women in history, poverty and gender, femininity models, transexuality and gender diversity, women and image, gender and media, female leadership and women in organisations and the business world...However, it is not limited to these; there are other articles and other topics accepted always related to gender. All articles accepted for publication are always oriented to the overcoming of inequalities and gender discrimination.

This scientific journal has a world wide reach, it incorporates an international vision and it includes book reviews, doctoral dissertations and congresses, related to the topic of the journal. It addresses mainly researchers on the gender issues, as well as professionals in the area. It is also oriented to professionals of education and health practitioners as well as others, whose experience might not be related to gender issues but who are still interested in the topic due to the gender problems arising in their professional domain and in its daily life.

GÉNEROS is a multilingual Journal which will be Publishing articles in Spanish, French and English and it will be published in February, June and October.

This journal is already indexed in the following Data bases: Dialnet, EBSCOhost, IBSS (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences) and MIAR (Matriz de Información para la Evaluación de Revistas).

Licence: Until October 5th 2013, Hipatia Press scientific journals were published under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivative License(CC BY NC ND). Hipatia Press journals decided to change the license and use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) as recommended by the Budapest Open Access Initiative taking into account its commitment with Open Access.

Vol 3, No 2 (2014): Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies. June

Table of Contents


Accra turns lives around: female migrant traders and their empowerment experiences in Accra, Ghana. PDF
Charlotte Wrigley Asante 341-367
Gender biased representation in learning materials in Nigeria educational system PDF
Abolaji Samuel Mustapha 368-392
Nacimiento y Desarrollo de los grupos de hombres por la Igualdad en España PDF (Español)
David Pinilla Muñoz, Santiago Boira Sarto, Lucía Tomás Aragonés 393-422
Islamic attitudes and the support for Gender Equality and Democracy in Seven Arab Countries, and the role of anti-­‐Western feelings PDF
Niels Spierings 423-456


Redefining Rape: Sexual Violence in the Era of Suffrage and Segregation PDF
Tinka Tabea Schubert 457-458

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Full Issue 3(2) 2014 PDF
Patricia Melgar Alcantud 341-459

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